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The cycling press is having a field day with this headline from The Scottish Sun. I guess I’m contributing to the hype by writing this post but for me, it doesn’t really change anything.

Though being a closeted gay man might somewhat explain Obree’s two suicide attempts, I still believe the mystique of the tormented champion is still there. Gay or not, I think Obree still would have found the inner demons which kept his pedals cranking. No matter what exactly it was that tormented him, he suffered AND he won.

Obree’s coming out to the media might throw some mortality into the myth of a mad genius superhuman. But the guy built his own bike, took the laws of physics into his own hands and broke the Hour Record twice (among plenty of other awesome accomplishments). For some, his coming out offers some kind of demystification to certain aspects of his character (“Ohhh so that’s why he was depressed”) but for me the man is still a complete legend.

Having said all that, it’s still a very interesting story about how Obree struggled to come to terms with his own sexuality. Read more about his revelation on Bike Radar.

who cares anyway? he’s still legend-waitforit-dary!

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